Renovating And Refurbishing Your Kitchen On A Budget

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Just because you want to curb the costs of your kitchen remodel doesn't mean you need to cut corners. There are some practical ways to fit the project within your budget that will still result in a beautiful, refurbished space. Talk to retailers and contractors about options when you want to give your kitchen a stylish transformation that doesn't compromise function.

Some ways to keep costs down include these suggestions:


Do you know how old your appliances are? These fixtures are not intended to last a lifetime, and even high-quality appliances need to be replaced when they become less efficient or effective as they once were. Talk with retailers about the possibility of buying gently-used appliances or discontinued models to save significant money.


Replacing cabinets can be a costly endeavor and it may make better sense to simply refurbish or alter your existing cabinetry. Try some strategies such as installing new doors, changing the hardware, or adding unique knobs and antique pulls to your cabinets. You may also consider replacing boxed-in cabinets with open shelving to give your room a more open, modern feel.


When it comes to your kitchen flooring, you should evaluate the type of wear that the space gets, and choose options that will hold up to the daily traffic in your home. It also makes sense to talk with retailers about the best options for your climate. Believe it or not, some flooring materials do better in certain types of weather and environments.

Some flooring considerations include:

  • Bamboo flooring: resembles hardwood, but is not the best choice in damp or humid environments due to its potential for swelling.
  • Hardwood flooring: durable and resilient, but will require refinishing from time to time. Natural wood is a popular choice widely, in all climates and regions.
  • Ceramic tile: high-end look, but does have the potential to become damaged or chipped with heavy traffic.


Save some money on light fixtures by first optimizing the natural light that comes into your kitchen. This may include removing heavy window treatments or rearranging your furniture. Next, be sure to install adequate ambient lighting that will flood the entire space with light, before spending money on attractive or alluring accent lights and task lamps. 

Spending money on kitchen upgrades is a wise move for homeowners that can improve the value of your home. Talk with contractors and retailers about upgrades and fixtures that will enhance your kitchen, while also fitting within your allotted budget. Explore some of these ways to curb the costs of your remodeling project, without sacrificing the finished results of your kitchen.

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