• Want To Convert A Tub Into A Shower? 3 Things To Consider

    While many homeowners enjoy bathtubs, plenty would rather step into a modern shower instead. You have plenty of options to consider if you have an out-of-date bathtub that you want to convert into a brand-new shower. However, you may want to seek out a professional to do this work for you. Here are three things to know about a professional tub-to-shower conversion.   What Options Are Available The first thing to know about a professional tub-to-shower conversion is that there are a few options to choose from. [Read More]

  • A Shower Remodeling Project

    New plumbing, an upgraded showerhead design, and a glass door can improve the style and functionality of your shower. Shower remodeling is a project that may require several technical upgrades and the installation of materials that are designed to be watertight. A remodeling contractor will guide you through your shower remodeling project. Current Issues Upgrading a shower may be something you have contemplated due to the outdated style of your bathroom. [Read More]