How To Repair And Seal Grout Lines

Posted on: 5 August 2015

The best thing about tile is that it is so durable and stylish at the same time. Many people love tile floors in their kitchen because it is a practical product that can withstand the constant traffic. If you want tile in your kitchen, you will need to be prepared for a little extra maintenance. The most important thing for the long term strength of tile is making sure that your grout lines are sealed and waterproof. This article will explain how to repair and seal your grout lines so the tile lasts for many years.

Common Grout Line Problems

Grout is definitely the most vulnerable part of a tile floor. If the grout chips it could lead to the corners of the tile getting damaged. Also, if the grout is not sealed, it can lead to moisture damage. The most immediate concern with moisture damage is the possible formation of mold. Mold can deteriorate the mortar underneath the tile and significantly weaken the tile. Grout is usually weaker than most flooring tiles, so it can get scratched and chipped quite easy. This is why it is so important to fix these small defects before they become more serious.

Fixing Small Grout Holes

The first step in keeping up your grout lines is identifying problem areas. Look for holes and discoloration. If you find an area that needs to be repaired, you will first need to clean it out. Try scrubbing out any loose grout with a toothbrush. Vacuum out any loose dirt within the grout lines. If you notice any dark spots that look like mold, you will need to chip them away with a small chisel.

Next, fill the holes with grout patch. For small grout repairs you should just use a premixed grout. You can easily match the color if you take a small portion of the existing grout to the hardware store.

Sealing the Tile

Whenever you make repairs to your grout, you will need to reseal it. All you need to seal grout it the sealant and a rag. Apply several coats of sealant for a stronger and more waterproof grout line. It is also a good idea to reseal your grout line every few years, even if there are no areas that need to be repaired. This will add a layer of protection to your floor and make it stronger. Keeping up your tile floor will require a little more TLC. But, this extra investment is well worth it!