4 Things To Consider When Installing Kitchen Countertops

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you are thinking about installing new kitchen countertops, with the help of a company like Rynone Kitchen & Baths, in your kitchen, you should put in a great deal of thought as to which countertop style is best. Doing this will ensure that your kitchen is functional for how you normally use it, as well as adds value to the home. Adding value to the home is especially important if you plan on selling the home in the future. Here are four things to consider when installing new kitchen countertops in your home:

  1. Color: There are many colors that countertops come in. The best way to determine what color is best for your home is based on how much natural lighting your kitchen gets. A kitchen with great natural lighting can definitely work well with dark kitchen countertops. If you want dark granite or marble, you should only install it if your kitchen gets great natural lighting. Otherwise, the darkness of the counters can make the room appear small. Lighting kitchen countertops can work in any space to make it appear open and airy. Just be sure that you also consider the color of your flooring and cabinets so that the counters don't clash with it. 
  2. Durability: There are many countertop materials to choose from. The most common material types would be marble, granite, and laminate. You should definitely consider paying a higher price for more durable countertops like marble or granite if you use the kitchen often to cook. Laminate countertops are a good choice if you don't use the kitchen often. Laminate can still imitate the look of granite or other natural stone, but won't be as durable. 
  3. Popularity: If you are concerned about resale value of your home, then you should consider the popularity of kitchen countertops. The most popular type would be granite countertops because they are both durable and easy to clean. Many potential home buyers look for granite in the kitchen because they know they won't have to replace it for a long time to come.
  4. Cleanliness: When you cook often in your kitchen, you are going to want countertops that are easy to clean. Keep in mind that while marble is durable, it's more difficult to clean. If you are willing to put in the work to prevent staining by hiring professionals for cleaning and using special cleaners, then marble can work. Just be aware of the additional costs of cleaning. Granite is a bit easier to clean over marble. 

When you consider these four things, you can choose the right countertops for your kitchen.