Turning Your Kitchen Cabinets Into Marbleized Works Of Art

Posted on: 16 August 2016

If you have older kitchen cabinets adorning your walls, and you are looking for a fun way to dress them up in a stylish way, consider making them appear marbleized with the addition of paint. This project can be done over a weekend using supplies you have at home or that you can buy from a local hardware store. Here are some tips you can use to make your cabinets appear like stunning marble pieces you will be sure to love.

Materials You Will Need

  • Vacuum cleaner with soft-bristle brush attachment
  • Mild detergent
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Paint in three shades of same hue (dark, medium, and light)
  • Sea sponge
  • Small bowl
  • Feather
  • Paintbrush
  • Polyurethane

Clean The Surface To Ensure Proper Coverage

Before you start painting your cabinets, take the time to cleanse them in their entirety so your paint adheres properly. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristle brush attachment to remove loose particles of debris from the cabinet doors and sides. Afterwards, spray a mild detergent over each cabinet and dry them with a piece of microfiber cloth.

Apply The Paint Using A Sea Sponge

To make your cabinets appear like marble, you will first need to pour some of the medium hue of paint into a small bowl. Dip a sea sponge into the bowl and dab the color randomly to the cabinets. Afterward, do the same process with the dark-colored paint. There is no need to clean off the sea sponge between color applications as this will help the colors of paint to blend when they attach to the cabinets. Finish with the lightest colored paint. Make sure all portions of the cabinet are colored. Allow the paint to dry in its entirety.

Add Small Lines To Represent Marble Veins

When the cabinets are dry, dip a feather into the darkest color of paint. Draw several thin lines over the dabbed coloring. These do not need to be straight. Twist the feather slightly to give the lines some curved features as the paint adheres to the cabinets. If these dark marble "veins" appear too stark in nature, dab some more of the medium or light-colored paint once again using the sea sponge to lighten the appearance of the dark lines. Allow the cabinets to dry and apply a coating of polyurethane over each cabinet door and side to give them a layer of protection and shine.

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