3 Gutter Improvements That Can Help Improve Your Home And Protect Foundations

Posted on: 17 August 2016

Gutters can be an essential feature of your home to protect from foundation damage. They can also be a good way to add rain collection and water conservation systems. When you want to add gutters to your home, you may also want to include solutions like seamless gutters to prevent leaks or gutter guards to reduce maintenance. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider adding to the gutters on your home:

1. Preventing Leaks With Seamless Gutters And Reinforced Corners

The joints and seams of your gutters can be a problem when they become worn. This can lead to leaks and water damage at the eaves of your roof. To prevent this type of problem, it is a good idea to talk with the gutter installer about using a seamless material. In addition, you may want to have reinforced corners installed, which will be less likely to leak.

2. Doing More Than Keep Debris Out Of The Gutters

There are many different types of gutter guards that can be installed on your home, which help keep debris out and reduce maintenance. In addition to keeping your gutters clean, adding guards can also be a good way to prevent ice dams that are caused by snow and ice during the winter months. If you live in a Northern climate, then a you may want to consider a solid type of guard for these types of improvements.

3. Adding Rain Collection To Deal With Drainage Issues And Add Natural Resources

Rain collection is another feature that you may want to consider adding to your home. The rain collection can be something as simple as a pipe that goes from your downspout to collection barrels or tanks. This will give you a resource to use for things like watering your lawn or doing outdoor cleaning tasks. In addition, rain collection keeps water in a container, helping to prevent problems with drainage from the downspouts of your gutters. You can even have a filtration system added to clean the water and use it for potable uses, but you will want to check regulations in your area before doing this.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider doing when it is time to have gutters installed. If you are ready to have new gutters installed on your home, contact a building materials service, such as Nisbet Brower, to get things like gutter guards and rain collection system materials to get started with some of these improvements for your home.