Want To Make Your Kitchen More Low-Maintenance? Install Concrete Countertops

Posted on: 17 August 2016

The kitchen is often home to extensive wear and tear because so much time and effort is spent in this room. Preparing food, cooking meals, and cleaning dishes are some things that happen regularly. With everything that goes on in the kitchen, you may have to spend a lot of time on upkeep. The only way to get around this while still enjoying a clean kitchen is to invest in low-maintenance features. An excellent start is with concrete countertops, which you will greatly benefit from by having them in your kitchen.

Sealing Is Highly Beneficial

While some countertops have their strengths and weaknesses that cannot be altered, concrete can be sealed to make it more protected against problems like stains and scratches. A professional can handle the sealing when the countertop is first installed, but the process is not that challenging overall. The first thing you will need to do is pick up a sealer that is specifically made for concrete countertops. Then, you will want to apply it in several thin coats because it is more effective than when using a single thick coat.

Cleaning Made Easy

As long as the sealing is still working as intended, you should have no problem cleaning the countertop. Ideally, you should build up a little collection of cleaning supplies that you can keep in the kitchen. For instance, just like how cat litter works well to soak up oil on concrete driveways, you can enjoy the same benefits by applying a layer of litter to any oil stains that may have gotten on the counter surface. Aside from basic cleaning with soapy water, the rest of the items that you will want include pH-neutral wipes, oven cleaner, laundry stain remover, and a laundry scouring pad for taking care of all types of stains.

Abundant Customization

The beauty of concrete countertops come in their customization options. Since it is created specifically for your kitchen, you do not have to worry about not being able to work with the layout you have. Something you will want to consider is the fact that it is so easy to add features into the countertop. Incorporating sinks and cutting boards into the concrete itself can greatly reduce the upkeep required.

Most people associate concrete with driveways or garage flooring. But, when you are willing to bring it into your kitchen, you can get one step closer to enjoying a very low-maintenance room. For more information, contact local professionals like Interior Expressions.