Child Move Out And Their Bathroom Needs An Overhaul? 2 Tips To Get It Looking New Again

Posted on: 24 August 2016

Even if your child was good at cleaning before they left home, they may not be like this once they get out on their own. If your child has not been cleaning their bathroom at all, then it likely is in a complete mess from the ceiling to the floor. Below are two tips to get you started cleaning it.

Remove Mold

Because your child has not been cleaning the bathroom, mold may be growing. This could be in the bathtub/shower, on the walls, on the ceiling, and any place that has moisture. When a hot shower is taken, humidity fills the bathroom, causing everything to become damp. This is the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Look at the ceiling and walls, and you may see black spots. No matter where you see mold, you need to clean it, as this can be dangerous.

Before you get started, put on some goggles, a face mask, and wear gloves. Open a window if there is one in the bathroom.

Mix a 50/50 mixture of mild detergent and water and wash the areas that have mold. Let the areas completely dry.

Mix a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach and clean the areas with this mixture. The bleach will kill the mold spores. Wait for approximately 20 minutes, and clean the areas again with the bleach solution. 

To help keep this from happening again, make sure the bathroom has proper ventilation and run the bathroom fan each time they take a shower or a bath.

Refinish Bathtub

If the bathtub is beyond repair, you can refinish it instead of replacing it. Purchase a bathtub refinishing kit, some sandpaper and a paint brush at a home supply store. Ask the employee at the store what the best grit sandpaper you should buy. You also need some caulk, abrasive cleaner, scale remover, abrasive pad, and epoxy.

First, wash the tub thoroughly using the abrasive cleaner, and then scrub the tub with a bathroom scale remover product and abrasive pad.

You now need to sand the bathtub. This will get the surface ready for the paint as well as remove any gloss or grime that may be left behind. Dampen the sandpaper before you get started. Rinse the bathtub thoroughly when you are finished sanding.

Mix the paint according to the instructions on the packaging. Paint the bathtub with a paint brush and roller. As you are brushing, go in only one directly. Brush on a smooth coat, let it completely dry, and then brush on a second coat. Feather any edges so there is not a hard line between the painted areas.

Let the paint completely dry, and then you will need to caulk around the bathtub, around the corner shelves, and around the corners of the wall tiles.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can hire a bathtub refinishing contractor to do this work for you.