Designing A Bathroom With Your Cats In Mind? 3 Features To Include

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Remodeling the primary bathroom in your home can come with concern for every member of your family, but your cats are often missed when making design choices. If you want your bathroom to be fully functional for both your human family members and your pets, you need to look into what kinds of choices can work well for cats.

With the right features included in your bathroom remodel, you can make the bathroom easy to use for cats, while also making it better for you.

Get a Built-In Area to Hide the Litterbox

The litter box is one feature that every cat owner needs when having indoor cats, but it can be hard to find a good place for it to be set up. If you're concerned about the litter box sticking out, you should look into whether you can get a built-in area in your bathroom. Whether you choose to get a compartment to go under the sink or opt for another type of built-in in the bathroom, you can keep the litter box out of sight without making it difficult for your cats to access.

Opt for Storage That's Easy to Keep Closed

If you're concerned about storing a lot of items in your bathroom, but your cats are often getting into your cabinets, you need to keep this in mind when remodeling. The storage features to have included in your bathroom should be easy to keep closed, while still being easy to use for yourself. Bathroom cabinets can have locking mechanisms or simply have child locks built in, making it hard or impossible for your cats to get inside and mess with any of your bathroom toiletries or other items.

Consider Getting a Pet Door Installed

When taking a shower, you've likely experienced your cat trying to get in and join you. When the doors are kept shut while showering or using the bathroom, this can lead to your cat scratching at the door, causing damage to the frame or door panel itself. While you may not be comfortable with leaving the door open all times, a good option to look into is to get a pet door installed. While it may not be something that you have thought about before, a pet door can look great and allow your cat to get in and out of the bathroom without trouble.

As you make plans for remodeling the bathroom in your home, you should keep in mind what kinds of features will be helpful when you have cats. By having their needs in mind, you can have a bathroom that works well for your lifestyle and doesn't exclude your pets.