3 Easy Ways To Revamp Outdated Kitchen Cabinets Other Than The Basic Paint Job

Posted on: 2 September 2016

Those old cabinets you have in your kitchen can easily compromise the overall look you want to achieve. While replacing the old cabinetry with new would always be ideal, you may not quite have enough room in your budget to make the investment right away. You may be tempted to grab a bucket of paint and start slathering away to cover up the ugliness of your antiquated cabinetry, but you may be able to do something else besides just paint the cabinets to give them new life. Here are a few ways you can transform old cabinets that have nothing to do with paint. 

Declutter the insides of your cabinetry and go with an open-shelf design. 

If the insides of your cabinets are in fairly good shape, you could always simply remove the doors, organize everything inside, and go with an open design. This works well if you have a lot of nice china you don't mind displaying or wine goblets and glasses that can be used as a focal point. If completely opening every cabinet to reveal the contents is out of the question, you could always remove only specific sections, display the desirable contents, and draw attention away from the rest of the cabinetry. 

Cover the doors of the cabinets with wallpaper. 

Even though wallpaper is more often thought of as a material used to cover walls, this interior design material can just as well be used on other surfaces just the same. If your cabinet doors are perfectly flat, the wallpapering method works quite well. However, you could even cover paneled cabinet doors in sections if you choose and still make a huge difference in the overall appearance. Simply pick a specific wallpaper design that goes well with your kitchen or go with a basic textured wallpaper in a solid color for a more dramatic change. 

Resurface wooden cabinets for a more rustic look. 

If the kitchen cabinets you have are wooden and old enough that they are showing some signs of age, such as scuffs, scratch marks, and discoloration of the wood, it may be a good idea to work with these imperfections instead of trying to cover them up. Use a sander to sand off the existing finish and some of the stain, and cover the cabinetry with a good layer of darker stain and clear coat. You can even add more distress if you want a more vintage appearance.

Once you have the money in your budget to purchase replacement cabinets, contact a company like Unity Cabinet & Granite to find out what designs are available.