Are Your Wood Windows Rotting? What To Know To Get Great Affordable Windows

Posted on: 15 June 2018

If you are currently living in a house with rotting windows, it's time to make an investment in your home to protect your property. Rotting wood windows aren't just very inefficient, but they also attract pests and can cause water problems throughout the house. Here are some of the things that you want to talk about with the window professionals when they come to give you estimates for window installation work to replace your old, damaged windows.

How Much Damage Has Been Done?

Right away you want them to look to see how much damage is done. This may require that the window contractors remove one of the windows on the house so they can see into the interior wall. They may have to replace the:

  • Window boxes that the frames go into
  • Insulation around the windows
  • Beams around the window that support the house

You have to see how much damage has been done to be sure that everything that you could have to pay for and replace is in the quote.

What Type of New Windows Are Recommended?

Let the window contractor know that you want windows that are affordable and durable—vinyl windows are a good option. Some of the features of vinyl windows include the following:

  • They have high energy efficiency
  • They are resistant to weather
  • They aren't damaged or faded by the sun
  • They are long lasting
  • They are affordable
  • They have top fire safety ratings

You want to choose a product that is affordable and that is also going to improve your home and protect it at the same time.

Are There More Upgrades to Consider?

If there is a lot of damage around the windows, it may be time to upgrade the insulation that is used around the house. You also may want to get tinted windows or windows with top-rated security locks and features.

Look at all the different options and compare all of the quotes to see what companies are charging for labor and then for the windows and additional features or upgrades that you have selected. Once you are able to compare all the quotes and you are able to set a practical budget for the project, you can select which contractor to go with and then which windows you want. Make sure that you let your insurance company know you will have a renovation going on so that you can make sure that your new windows will be covered by your insurance.