4 Ways To Bring More Color Into Your Kitchen

Posted on: 21 August 2020

While analyzing your kitchen, you may find that you are getting all the functionality that you want from the room. But, you may also notice that there is a distinct lack of color in the kitchen, which is something that you may want to change to improve how much you enjoy cooking. Coming up with several projects and using remodelers for the execution is an excellent combination.


One of the most exciting projects that you can work on in the kitchen is adding or changing the backsplash because of how many viable options you have to choose from. While you can go with popular options such as ceramic or glass tile in any color and design, you should not hesitate to get more creative with using unique materials or putting up a wall mural decal to cover the area.


A nearby feature that you can change or replace to bring more color to the room is the cabinetry. If you are looking to do the least amount of work while still being able to bring more color into the room, you should consider replacing the hardware and painting the cabinet doors.

When you are willing to do a bit more, you may want to replace the cabinet doors altogether. All these projects make it easy to add color to the kitchen by picking colorful paint and hardware.


If you are willing to work on any feature in the kitchen, you should not underestimate the potential for the ceiling to make a difference. While you may already know that you can paint the backsplash and walls to brighten up the room, you can do the same thing with the ceiling.

When you want to mesh the ceiling with the color theming for the backsplash, cabinets, and walls, you cannot go wrong with picking the same base color and going with a different shade.


Another great option for bringing color to the kitchen is replacing the countertop, which you may find worthwhile when yours is old and worn down. When you go with laminate, stone, or tile, you can pick from a wide variety of colors that will mesh well with all other features.

If you know that adding more color to your kitchen is something that will make it more enjoyable to spend time cooking and preparing food, you should work on some or all these projects.

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