Converting Your Tub To A Shower To Makeover Your Bathroom With A Custom Design

Posted on: 16 November 2020

Bathtub shower conversions can be a great investment to makeover a small bathroom. There are many benefits to changing the old tub to a shower. The shower in your small bathroom will be a lot safer and help give you a more modern and open design. The following tub-to-shower conversion design ideas will help you give your bathroom a custom makeover:

Removing the Old Tub

The tub has to be removed from the bathroom before you can start the next steps in the conversion. Depending on the type of materials the tub is made out of, it can be difficult to remove. The things that you may need to do to remove the tub without any problems include:

  • Cut the tub into manageable sections
  • Turn off water to remove old plumbing fixtures
  • Cut pipes that are attached to the tub unit

Often, cutting the old tub into sections will make it easier to remove. If it is a valuable antique tub, you may want to remove it through a window or door opening.

Repairing Damaged Materials

After you remove the old tub from the bathroom, there may be problems with damage that needs to be repaired. You may also want to do framing for the shower features when doing the repairs. The damage that may need to be repaired during shower conversions includes:

  • Water damage behind old finishes
  • Repairing the old plumbing
  • Add wood framing for custom seats and niches

These repairs may need to be done after the tub is removed from the bathroom. When you are doing repairs, there may also be plumbing that needs to be moved.

Moving Plumbing Installations for the Shower

Another repair that needs to be done is moving the plumbing. This can be costly if you relocate all the pipes in your bathroom. Therefore, you want to try to minimize the plumbing work that needs to be done. You can try to keep as much of the original plumbing as possible. Try to limit the changes you make to pipes. You can use the existing materials to keep your conversion project's costs as low as possible.

Installing the New Shower Pan and Finishes

Installing the shower pan is the last step in the process. This is what will seal off the shower and provide a base for the finishes. There are several options for the shower pan and finishes in your shower conversion, which include:

  • Installing a prefabricated shower unit for a quick and easy solution
  • Using a shower pan for just the base to finish the rest with a custom design
  • Using rubber shower pans for a custom tile finish

These shower pan options are some of the things that you will want to consider for your tub conversion project.

With a new shower in your bathroom, it will be safer and have a more open design. Call a tub-to-shower service for more information.