Choose Shower Doors For Your Bath Remodel

Posted on: 22 January 2021

Choosing new shower doors for your bathroom remodel can feel like a difficult task. When you are doing a complete bath remodel, you have a lot to choose from. From new countertops to a potentially new shower design, the road ahead includes many different options.

Among all the things you will be choosing, shower doors may be among them. Bath remodels often include new shower doors. These are some of the options you might consider.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the most common shower doors found in small bathrooms. The doors slide along the tracks, taking up no floor space. This also creates a wide opening, allowing you comfortable entry and exit.

If you are short on space, a sliding door is a good option. If your remodel has turned a shower stall into a tub, you might install these doors.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are on hinges, and they usually swing from one corner into a walk-in shower. These doors are great for narrow spaces, and they can be configured to swing in or out depending on your needs.

If you have taken out a tub as part of your bathtub remodel and have installed a stall, you might want to install a pivot door. This keeps water out of the bathroom area.

Barrier-Free Doors

These types of entryways are open and have a fixed panel to protect the rest of the bathroom from water without having a physical door. This can make your shower feel much bigger, and the modern style adds a great value.

Essentially, this option does not have a physical door you have to open. It just has an open space you can step through to. This means your remodel should allow water to flow away from the opening so that you don't splash outside of the new tub or stall.

Neo-Angle Doors

These shower doors are great for installation on corners, and they take up less space than some of the other door options. Some can be reversed for a more convenient experience.

You might choose this kind of door for your remodel if you have installed a new shower as part of a remodel but don't have a lot of space. The shower stall can be a strange shape, and these doors will still fit.

Meet With a Professional

A professional with expertise in bathroom remodels can help you choose the right shower doors for your new home. Consult with a remodeling professional to learn more about the best door options for your new shower or bath.