Tub-To-Shower Conversion Ideas To Makeover Your Master Bath With A Spacious Design

Posted on: 15 April 2021

If you have an older home, the old master suite may have a small bathroom with an undersized tub. You may want to have a more modern and spacious master bathroom. Therefore, a tub conversion project is ideal for changing the bathroom. The following tub-to-shower conversion information will help you with changing the design of your master bathroom:

Removing the Old Tub  

The first step in a shower conversion is to remove the old tub from the bathroom. You may want to be careful pulling out the tub if you are going to save materials to reuse them. Solutions to get the bathtub out without causing damage include:

  • Removing the tub through a large window
  • Cutting the plumbing loose and removing the tub in one piece
  • Cutting the tub into manageable pieces to get it out

The bathtub will usually be easier to remove in pieces if it is not worth saving and can be cut up. If it is an antique tub that you want to sell or reuse somewhere else in your home, you will want professional help removing it.

Plumbing for the Shower

When doing a shower conversion, there are going to be some changes that need to be done to the plumbing in your bathroom. There are some things to consider for the plumbing changes when doing a shower conversion, including the following:

  • Conserve as much existing plumbing as possible
  • Use the same pipe materials to make changes simple
  • Minimize the need for installing more pipes

The plumbing for a shower conversion can use some of the existing lines to keep costs under control. To minimize the need for more pipes, you can locate features like drains and showerheads near the existing installations of the tub that was removed.

Custom Shower Design

The shower design is another area where you want to do some planning. There are a lot of options for a custom design when doing a shower conversion, including:

  • Custom composite units
  • Custom shower pans and tile or stone finishes
  • Extras like niches and shower seating

The custom shower designs can be a great solution to create an accessible bathroom design. This can be good if you are concerned about having a tub when you reach retirement.

New Finishes for the Bathroom

There are also options for different finishes in the bathroom to finish up your shower conversion. Areas where you will probably want to install new finishes in the bathroom include:

  • Flooring
  • Tile wall finishes
  • Vanities and shelving for storage

You can add new finishes where they are needed, but you may want to save or restore things like vanities if you are happy with their design.

Renovating your master bathroom with a shower conversion can also be good if you want your home to have a more accessible design. Contact a remodeling service to discuss these options for a tub-to-shower conversion project.