A Guide to Countertops and Solid Surfaces to Complete Your Kitchen Renovations

Posted on: 17 May 2021

Solid surfaces can be a great feature to add to kitchen renovations. One of the most durable options for solid surfaces is granite, but there are some things that you want to know before having these stone materials installed. The following granite guide will give you all the information you need when adding solid stone to your kitchen renovations:

Choosing the Granite Style

The first options to consider for the granite in your kitchen are the colors and style. First, different combinations of colors are available with modern granite materials. There are often modern cutting techniques that give you more choices for the patterns of these surfaces. Imported granite materials can give you a lot of options for colorful stone surfaces in your new kitchen design. 

Granite Finishes

An advantage you have with granite is the many different options for the finish. The first option is to have a bright, polished finish that sparkles. In addition to polished finishes, there are also options like honed finishes. Manual polishing with leather or other materials can also be used to finish the granite and give it a unique-looking finish. These finishes semi-polish areas of the stone to reduce the pours in the surface.

Granite Cleaning and Maintenace 

The most important maintenance to consider is keeping your new granite countertops clean. You want to start cleaning as soon as you start using these surfaces. This will ensure you don't have problems with stains or bacteria growth in granite surfaces. When you clean the granite, use a specially formulated product that also protects the stone surfaces. Since granite is a porous stone material, it is important to keep the surfaces in your kitchen clean. Polished finishes are a good solution to help prevent problems with bacteria getting into the pores of the countertops.

Preventing Damage to Granite Surfaces

The granite surfaces can be vulnerable to some problems. With good care and maintenance, these problems can be prevented. Start with the installation and avoid larger slabs with joints that have to be bonded together. This will prevent cracks and damage. In addition, keep the surfaces clean and occasionally have them polished to ensure they are protected. In addition, you may want to avoid white and light colors to prevent issues with staining.

The installation of granite can be a durable and long-lasting kitchen countertop solution. Contact a granite countertop installer to discuss the surfaces for your new kitchen design.