3 Tips For Painting Your Home Within A Homeowners Association

Posted on: 12 April 2022

When your home is part of a homeowners association, you benefit from living in a well-kept neighborhood with a defined style between the homes. However, this means following some set rules yourself to ensure your home and landscaping observe any rules.

If you're eager to give the exterior of your house a fresh coat of paint, you need to see what steps can be taken to ensure the project turns out as expected. 

Check Any Written Rules

Before you choose a color or design for the trim and details of your home, you need to see whether there are any rules outlining what color to use. There may not be specific rules over the colors, but more of how bright or muted the vibrancy is. While it can be obvious what colors are preferred when looking at your neighbor's homes, you don't want to make any assumptions and need to repaint due to a mistake. 

Checking written rules in the HOA handbook can quickly present you with all the colors available and ensure your home follows the set rules. 

Get Permission for the Project

Along with checking what colors are suitable for your house, it makes sense to see whether you need permission for the project. Even if you believe the color is suitable, you should request written permission to avoid issues where you break a rule unknowingly and need to pay a fine. 

In some cases, there are restrictions over the time of year for painting your home. There may also be concerns over how long the project will take. Written permission will cover all these variables involved and give you the green light to begin the project. 

Hire the Right Contractor

DIY remodeling projects may be acceptable inside your home, but living in a homeowner's association can come with additional restrictions over changes that affect your neighborhood. When receiving permission for painting, the HOA may recommend painting contractors for the job that can handle a lot of the challenging work involved with painting. Their insight and experience will ensure the project is done correctly and that the HOA is satisfied with the results.

When you intend on painting the exterior of your home, there are a lot of questions you may have about getting fantastic results and ensuring that it follows any rules. Checking any rules and choosing a suitable color for painting your home can ensure the results look fantastic and that your home matches your original vision without conflicts with the homeowner's association.

Once you've selected a suitable color and talked with your HOA, contact an exterior home painting service to get to work on your home project.