5 Shower Remodel Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Posted on: 1 June 2022

When most people hear of 'shower remodeling,' they think it's only possible with a large bathroom. But in reality, you can remodel even a small shower space to improve aesthetic value, boost functionality, or create more space. Below are five shower remodel ideas to consider for your small bathroom. 

Add Built-Ins

Consider adding built-in shelves or alcoves to your shower walls if you need more storage space for your toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries. Since the walls are free, you can create enough storage space for all your items. With built-ins, the space around the shower pan will also be free of stuff. You can move around without tripping over items. 

Choose Floating Vanities

If you don't want to add built-ins, you can opt for floating vanities to store your toiletries. When vanities are on the floor, they take up much space and cramp up your shower. But when they are mounted on the wall, the area beneath them is clear of clutter, and your shower feels larger. 

Also, consider your household needs when designing or buying the vanities. How many people will need to keep their things in the vanities? Do you expect new household members in the future? Answering these and other questions will enable you to create sufficient storage space for everyone.  

Consider a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Traditionally-framed shower enclosures have a metal frame around the shower that may occupy unnecessary space. To create more space in your small bathroom, call shower remodelers to install a frameless glass shower enclosure. These enclosures are made of glass and don't have any frames or seals, which allows them to save considerable space. 

Besides saving space, frameless glass shower enclosures allow natural light to your shower space. Glass is also easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about high maintenance needs.

Keep Light Colors

When remodeling small shower spaces, the general rule of thumb is to have light and bright colors. Consider installing lighter shades of whites, grays, and neutrals for your small layout. These colors will reflect light to help the space feel and look more open and airy. 

Moreover, having lighter colors eliminates shadows or dark corners in the shower. This is critical, especially if you like to use the mirror or apply makeup after showers.

Consider a Rounded Corner Shower

If your shower space is too narrow, a rounded corner shower can add visual space to your shower floor plan. For more contrast, you can choose different colors for your tile floor and shower wall tile. But if you like your shower space simple, go with a uniform color.