What Is Quartzite And Do You Want It For Countertops?

Posted on: 30 June 2022

What is quartzite? Do quartzite countertops make a good investment? As you explore your natural stone options for countertops, don't forget about this stone, which can be a good investment if you know what you're getting into and why. Your remodeling contractor can teach you more about what quartzite is and if it's what you should consider for your home based on your budget and other factors.

Learn more about quartzite and quartzite countertops here. This way, you have some knowledge as you explore your options overall.

What is quartzite?

If you guessed that quartz and quartzite are the same thing, you'd be wrong. They are not the same stone, although they do look similar. Quartzite is a relatively common stone that is naturally occurring and easily harvested. Quartzite is actually a sandstone that has been fused so the grains don't stand out and are very smooth. Quartz has a different composition than quartzite, and all materials are considered very hardy and difficult to break.

Quartzite is formed into slabs and resembles marble in many ways. It's very smooth to the touch and can be polished and is a popular choice for those wanting natural stone countertops that are beautiful and durable.

Do you want quartzite countertops?

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, new countertops are going to be a worthy and expensive investment that will last. Choose your countertops wisely. You can choose quartzite countertops if you like the look of natural stone countertops like marble and quartz, but not the price that comes along with these purchases.

Your best option is to speak to your remodeling contractor to see if quartzite countertops will work well for you among other materials in your budget. However, keep in mind that quartzite is an affordable and durable option for countertops, although it may not be as strong as others.

One good benefit of quartzite countertops is its availability: this is a stone that is often used in fireplaces, in floors, and even in counters and other areas, so if you need a stone that will be easy to find and install, quartzite is a wise choice. It costs around $65 per square foot or more to install and comes in a variety of colors. More detailed and custom coloration choices in quartzite will result in more expensive costs.

You can expect your new quartzite countertops to last for many years, which will help justify your investment even more. You have many color options, so discuss these with a quartzite countertops installation specialist.