Learn Some Benefits Of Having A Basement Escape Window Installed

Posted on: 27 December 2022

Your basement can be transformed into a fabulous space you can get plenty of use out of. However, you may have a bit of remodeling to do if you really want to make it great. Done in the right way, your basement can become a great game room, the perfect arts and crafts space, or your quiet space you can escape to when you need a break. While there may be a lot of special touches that need to be done to get your basement all finished, one area of concern you don't want to overlook is having an egress window installed, also often referred to as a basement escape window. An egress window looks like a regular window but is designed to open all the way, so people can exit through the window in the case of a fire or other emergency. However, there are other benefits to having this window installed besides safety, and here are some of them: 

The window installation can increase the home's value

One thing a lot of people don't realize about the installation of an egress window is that it can help to increase the value of a home. While this may not be a concern right now, it can end up being a fact you really appreciate down the road if you should decide to put your home on the market. 

An egress window can bring in a lot more natural lighting

A basement can be a very cold and dark space, but it doesn't have to be this way. By having an additional egress window installed, you can invite much more lighting into the space. The natural lighting can help the basement look nicer and make it easier for you to see your way around.  

The windows help with ventilation

You can open the windows to bring in a lot of fresh air. If you spend a fair amount of time in the basement, then you want to make sure it feels comfortable, and this is one step toward creating that comfy space. If you've ever been down in a dark and dusty basement, you know just how bad this can feel. On the contrary, a basement with adequate lighting and proper ventilation can feel so inviting and give you a space you may want to spend a lot of time in. 

The egress window can help with the sound quality

If you have a basement that's lacking windows, then it can have very harsh sound quality. For example, if you are trying to watch a movie in the basement, then you may find it hard to hear what's said because the sounds can vibrate back and forth off the walls. The addition of one or more of these windows can help give the sound somewhere to exit, helping to make the sounds you hear more clearly. 

For more info about basement escape windows, contact a local company.