A Shower Remodeling Project

Posted on: 16 January 2023

New plumbing, an upgraded showerhead design, and a glass door can improve the style and functionality of your shower. Shower remodeling is a project that may require several technical upgrades and the installation of materials that are designed to be watertight. A remodeling contractor will guide you through your shower remodeling project.

Current Issues

Upgrading a shower may be something you have contemplated due to the outdated style of your bathroom. If you are not happy with the poor water pressure that your showerhead provides, or if you are wary about the amount of leakage that you often notice outside of the tub or shower stall, these problems should be identified during a consultation with a contractor familiar with shower remodeling.

A contractor will focus on the issues that you have experienced, plus will offer you some ways to brighten the shower space or improve its aesthetics from end to end. A contractor can work with an existing design or can incorporate an entirely new one that will require that a tub and shower combo or shower stall is increased in size. During the consultation, the contractor will explain the order of operations that is typically followed when performing an upgrade.

Expenses And Complex Processes

Upgrading a bathroom can be pricey. This is due to the technical nature of configuring plumbing layouts, installing plumbing, and installing watertight materials. Thermostatic valves may be used to regulate the temperature of the water that a new showerhead puts out. Your contractor may recommend showerhead products that conserve water, yet don't compromise the quality of a shower.

Many modern products feature a water fountain design. There are also products that are designed to lightly spray water or produce a steam effect. If a larger shower is desired, you may want to consider expanding the size of the tub or shower stall that you currently own. Some trendy shower styles include dual shower heads that are installed along either side of a tub enclosure or shower stall. Bench seating can be incorporated into the design of a shower.

A contractor who will be redesigning the drain will need to draw up plans first. They will need to remove all of the shower components that are currently in your bathroom. Then, they will install plumbing, the drain, and the shower pan. Insulating materials will be secured along the walls and flooring. At the end of the project, tiles will be added to the shower walls and the floor.

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