4 Design Tips For Adding A Custom In-Law Suite

Posted on: 9 March 2023

From the average person living longer to changing economic trends that require more people to consider multi-family living, the addition of an in-law suite might be an ideal addition to your home. This custom home addition provides an enjoyable, comfortable place for your loved ones to reside while also providing them with privacy, but only if the addition is designed correctly. 

1. Entryway 

When designing the space, the first factor to consider is the entryway. An in-law suite should essentially serve as a home within a home, and as such, it should have its own entryway. For this reason, design the space so that it is located close enough to the front of the house that you can install a walkway to the side for a private entryway. 

2. Privacy

In terms of where you plan to install the addition in your home, always think about privacy. For example, it might not be ideal to install the suite right next to the primary bedroom. Installing the addition adjacent to a common area, such as a living room, might be better. Unless you are going to add extensive insulation, some sound may travel between the spaces. However, keeping the suite away from intimate areas can help maximize privacy for everyone.

3. Accessibility

If the in-law suite is being built for an aging loved one, be sure to keep accessibility in mind. Take the kitchen in this suite, for example. It would be better to minimize the amount of storage space that is installed high on the wall, as it might be harder for your loved one no reach. On the contrary, more storage space should be located closer to waist level. The same is true in the bathroom. For example, instead of a tub, consider installing a walk-in shower. 

4. Utilities

In terms of wiring for the suite, you should also speak with your builder about separating the utilities to the space. First, in the event your loved one moves out, you can completely shut down utilities to the space and avoid these added costs. Additionally, in the event you decide to rent the space to someone in the future, they will have a separate utility connection, which allows them to cover their usage costs separately. 

The above are just some of the design ideas to keep in mind. Your remodeling contractor will be able to help you review all the factors that affect your build.