Attractive And Functional Ideas For Your 3-Season Sunroom Design

Posted on: 12 May 2023

A 3-season sunroom can be such a wonderful addition to your property. In the spring and fall, it can be a breezy space where you enjoy the outdoors with some shelter from the rain. In the summer, it can be a sunny space with less direct heat than you'd receive while outdoors. So, how do you design the perfect 3-season sunroom? Here are some attractive and functional ideas to discuss with your building contractor and designer.

Window Benches

Sunrooms tend to have a lot of windows. So, it only makes sense to include a window bench or two in the design. You could put a window bench under the windows along one or both of the shorter sides of the 3-season room. You could use this bench to store items you often use inside the sunroom, such as outdoor shoes, umbrellas, or maybe even some board games. They can also double as seating, which is something you never quite have enough of in a sunroom.

A Built-in Fridge and Stove

You may not want to use your 3-season room as a full-on grilling area or outdoor kitchen. But it can certainly come in handy to have a small fridge and a 2-burner cooktop in the 3-season room. This way, you won't have to go inside to grab a drink and you can use the stove to heat up tea in the spring and fall. If including a stove is too much, you can instead have an outlet placed at counter height and use it to plug in an electric kettle.

Hammock Hooks

Do you like kicking back in a hammock? When you rest in a hammock inside your sunroom, you have some shelter from the weather. Ask your designer to include hammock hooks on two opposite walls. You can then hang a hammock when you want to do so, and take it down when using the sunroom for other purposes.

A Heat Pump

A heat pump is essentially a reversible air conditioner. It can cool the space in the summer and heat the space in the winter. A heat pump will allow you to use your sunroom earlier in the spring and later in the fall. It will also give you a way to cool off the space in the heat of summer. Talk to your designer about including one in your sunroom plans.

With these features, your 3-season sunroom will be incredible! For more 3-season sunroom design ideas, contact a remodeling contractor in your area.