Features That Will Give Your Kitchen A Country Appeal

Posted on: 30 May 2023

Do you wish your kitchen had more of a country aesthetic? You're not alone. While many kitchens these days are designed to look modern or contemporary, country kitchens are still very much in style. You may have to fully remodel your kitchen to get this look, or you might just need to do a partial remodel and make a few changes. Regardless of which approach you choose, here are some features to consider including. 

Painted Wood Floors

Painted wood floors definitely have a country cottage vibe. If you already have hardwood flooring in the kitchen, you could just sand off the finish and then apply a whitewash or paint. Choose a light color such as white, cream, or pale gray. If you do not already have a wood floor, consider having a floor made from reclaimed wood installed. Reclaimed wood has a sort of vintage, partially worn look that looks right at home in a country kitchen.

Beadboard Cabinet Doors

When the time comes to choose cabinet doors, beadboard is a great option. These cabinet doors have inset panels with several "beads," or vertical grooves, placed in them. They look a bit like the wood paneling people used to put on walls but are more subtle. White is probably the most country-inspired color choice, but you could go with pale yellow, gray, or even tan beadboard cabinet doors.

Stone Backsplash

A backsplash not only protects the walls but also serves as a focal point in the kitchen design. As such, stone is the perfect backsplash choice in a country kitchen. It looks natural and rustic, and yet it is hardy enough to offer good protection. You can scrub stone as hard as you want, and it won't break down.

Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is one that overhangs the front of the counter. Farmhouse sinks are large, and they look right at home in a country kitchen. Bronze ones and white ones are both great choices. Stay away from black farmhouse kitchens; they have a more modern look.

Sliding Windows

A sliding window over the sink looks very country. You could have a grille added to the window for a more country appeal. Add a planter box, and you're set to go.

Whether you're fully remodeling your kitchen or just making a few changes, keep the ideas above in mind. Creating a country kitchen just comes down to making the right design choices.

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